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Child custody is commonly an emotional issue that requires resolution in a pending divorce or years after divorce when a parent seeks to modify child custody arrangements. The conflict between parents about this issue can create turmoil for not only themselves but for children as well, who can suffer as a result. Even when you try to insulate your child against the matter, they may still be aware enough to be upset, worried, and fearful. 

Because of this, it is vital that you resolve this matter as rapidly and successfully as possible. Putting an experienced Houston child custody attorney on your side can be a significant step towards accomplishing this.

At Cy Lee Legal Group PLLC, our family law attorneys have helped countless parents resolve their child custody issues through private negotiation and mediation before litigation becomes the last resort. With our years of family law experience assisting parents in developing fair parenting schedules, we strive to make the child custody process less divisive and more amenable to resolution so that you and your co-parent can move forward in your child's best interests. 

However, when amicable resolution methods do not result in a mutually-beneficial agreement, we are not afraid to take your child custody case to family court in Houston. 

Our Houston child custody attorneys will back up your custody case with evidence that supports your claim for parental rights that aligns with the family court standard of being in the child's best interests. 

Book a Confidential Consultation With Our Child Custody Lawyers Serving Houston by contacting Cy Lee Legal Group PLLC at (832) 558-2659. We Provide Language Services in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish. 

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Child Custody Cases in Texas

Child custody in Texas is referred to as “conservatorship.” Conservatorship in these cases generally falls into the following categories:

  • Sole managing conservatorship. This gives only one parent the right to make certain decisions about the child, such as the child’s primary residence and decisions about health care, education, and religious upbringing. It also allows the parent to make legal decisions for the child. 
  • Joint managing conservatorship. This grants both parents the rights and duties regarding the child. However, it may not include the decision about where the child lives. Even when joint managing conservatorship is granted, one parent may be the primary conservator (known as the custodial parent) while both parents will share in other decisions. 
  • Possessory conservator. This is generally designated to a parent when the other parent has been made the sole managing conservator. This parent does not have a say in where the child will mainly live. 

Where a child lives with only one parent, the other parent may be granted visitation rights. The courts generally only deny or limit visitation rights in cases where a parent has demonstrated substance abuse, domestic violence, child neglect, or child abuse. 

How To Get Full Custody of My Child in Houston TX?

Start your custody case by filing a custody or termination petition in the family court in Houston, TX, where the child is a resident or in the court that presides over your divorce case. Then, with the citation, you can serve the other parent or anyone else with legal custody rights.

The courts in Houston look at many factors when determining child custody but its overarching principle is to do what is in the best interests of the child. Courts will review factors such as the ages, health, and parenting ability of both parties, how likely each parent is to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent, the stability of the parental homes, a child’s preference if mature enough to have a valid opinion, and more. 

You and the other parent can come to an agreement on your own regarding a child custody schedule and submit it to the court for approval. As long as it serves the child’s best interests, the court is likely to approve it. However, where you and the other parent cannot come to terms, a judge will make the final decision based on the evidence presented by both sides. In these circumstances, mediation may be ordered by the court to resolve the custody issue. Where that does resolve it, a custody trial will need to ensue. 

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If need legal help with a child custody case, whether it involves a pending divorce, the need for a modification of an existing child custody order, or to enforce a custody order that is being violated by the other parent, our legal team at Cy Lee Legal Group PLLC is ready to help. Our child custody lawyers  understand how critical this issue is to your future as a parent and the well-being of your child and will work to give you the reliable and compassionate legal representation you need and deserve. 

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