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Criminal charges can lead to severe consequences. Don’t take a chance on your future if you’re facing criminal charges call C.Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC. We can defend you against DWI, theft, assault, domestic violence, and protective orders. Attorney Lee will do his best to minimize the charges brought against you or the consequences of those charges.


We provide experienced and skilled criminal defense against all assault charges, including domestic violence, felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor assault, and sexual assault. We defend our clients against false charges and make sure their version of the story gets told. Speak to an experienced Houston Assault Attorney to find out whether your assault charges can be Dismissed.

Drug Possession

Texas law gets serious about the unlawful possession of a controlled substance. Drug laws are written to treat each narcotic differently, categorizing a wide range of narcotics and the compounds used to create them. Possession of unfinished drug mixtures still qualifies as possession of a controlled substance. Street drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and heroin aren't the only narcotics that can stamp your record with a drug possession charge. Having prescription medications, like Xanax and Adderall, without a doctor's written permission, can result in a criminal case and potential jail time.


For over 10 years, C.Y Lee Legal Group, PLLC, has aggressively protected the rights of individuals charged with DWI, DUI, and DWLI's in Houston, Fort Bend, and surrounding counties. You need the guidance of a skilled and Experienced Houston DWI/DUI/DWLI Attorney to determine the best course of action for successfully fighting your Texas charge.


In the age of the Internet, your past mistakes are more accessible to the public than ever. Criminal databases are being created every day, aggregating information on people, and publishing that information on the Internet. We help clear records not only in the greater Houston area but all throughout that state of Texas to erase those mistakes so that you can move on with their lives.

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is typically defined as physical, psychological, sexual, or economic abuse against a family member or romantic partner. Relationships that can cause a case to be considered a domestic violence case include current or former spouses, parents of a mutual child, domestic partners (heterosexual or same-sex), dating partners, parent/child, and persons living in the same household such as roommates.

Juvenile Cases

If your child ends up in the wrong crowd or gets caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, he or she needs an experienced juvenile lawyer to competently fight for their rights. For minor offenses, more often than not, the state will allow your child to go home if adequately represented.

Pretrial Diversion

For many first-time and/or nonviolent offenders, a pretrial diversion program is a welcome reprieve from the lasting effects of a criminal conviction. In addition to becoming eligible for a dismissal of charges upon completion, the defendant usually also receives needed services like a drug and alcohol education class or treatment.


Are you or someone you know facing a probation revocation in Harris County, Fort Bend County, or in the surrounding area? If so, you need an experienced Criminal Attorney to fight on your behalf. If you are placed on deferred adjudication or straight probation, and the State of Texas alleges you violated your probation, you are entitled to a hearing, and we will represent you.


Whether charged as a felony or a misdemeanor, theft is a serious criminal charge that carries devastating long-term consequences. In addition to jail time and fines, a theft conviction may permanently limit your ability to obtain gainful employment. Under Texas law, shoplifting and many other theft crimes are considered crimes of moral turpitude. A conviction for a crime against moral turpitude could result in limited employment opportunities, the deportation of an alien, and could result in your honesty and good name being held in question for the remainder of your life.


Criminal Trespass cases range from simple trespass across a field, refusing to leave a store when asked to leave, and entering businesses or buildings, including on the rare occasion, a person's home. Each case is handled differently, depending on the facts and exactly where the trespass occurred. For more detailed information on what to expect in a particular Criminal Trespass case in the Greater Houston Area, call us for a consultation.