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Family law deals with all the issues pertaining to your most private and personal relationships: those of your spouse or partner, children, and extended family. These relationships form the foundation of your life and likely influence every decision you make. When issues and conflicts arise involving your family, they become deeply important and impactful.

At Cy Lee Legal Group PLLC, we understand how stressful, emotionally challenging, and difficult divorce and other family law issues can be. Our team is here to be the guide, ally, and advocate you need in seeking optimum solutions for you and your children.

 We aim to help you transition through your issue to arrive at the best possible position at its resolution. We work vigorously on behalf of clients throughout all stages of your case, whether through mediation, other out-of-court negotiations, or in family court before a judge. 

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We handle a wide variety of legal matters related to family law, such as the following:


  • Adoption can be complex and stressful. We provide skilled legal counsel to prospective parents in all types of Texas adoptions. From handling the initial paperwork to ensuring compliance with the law, we will ensure that all of the technical and legal rules are followed with precision.


  • This can be a frustrating, uncertain, and anxiety-ridden process with unforeseen issues that can arise. We are here to help you navigate all facets of your divorce, whether it is uncontested or contested, from the division of your marital assets and debts to child-related issues, and more. 

Child Custody

  • These cases can cause enormous turmoil which is why it is best to have experienced representation. When one parent has an illness or substance abuse problem, it becomes even more challenging. Our team understands all facets of this issue, including mental illness and substance and the effect they have on the family. Your child’s best interests are our top priority in resolving child custody conflicts.

Child Support 

  • This type of support is a child’s right to ensure optimum well-being and care. Payments must be correctly calculated on behalf of both the child and your parental ability to pay for your child’s needs while he/she is in your care. Our team is here to make sure you are receiving or paying a correct and fair amount. 

Child Protective Services (CPS)

  • CPS investigations can become invasive, devastating, and life-changing without proper representation from an experienced attorney to defend you. These investigations are often based on subjective or even false allegations of neglect or abuse. Our team will fight for your child’s safety and your parental rights.


  • Whether you are seeking or contesting alimony, our team can help with straightforward answers and counsel. Let us explain the process for pursuing alimony, help you understand your options, and represent you in any dispute over this matter.

Protective Orders

  • These orders are issued by courts in cases of alleged domestic violence. If you need legal assistance as an abused spouse or intimate partner or as someone accused of such abuse, you can turn to our seasoned team. Let us put together your claim for or against these restrictive orders with a compelling case.

Prenuptial Agreements

  • We can review all information about your assets and debts to help you negotiate, draft, or review your agreement. Ensure you are protected against divorce or even without divorce in a contract written and executed according to Texas legal standards. 


  • This process saves you the stress, time, and money of courtroom litigation when looking to resolve your family law disputes. Our team is here to help you through the mediation process toward a mutually-beneficial resolution. 

If you are facing difficult family law issues, reach out to our Houston family lawyers at Cy Lee Legal Group PLLC online or by calling us today. We have services available in Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish.