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Is your company pursuing a major acquisition? Are you ready to move into a larger space? Then you need a qualified business lawyer to advise you on such matters. You’ll find a lawyer like that when you turn to C.Y. Lee Legal Group, PLLC. Attorney Lee and his associates can handle business law cases across the Greater Houston Area. You can depend on him to offer business advice that will help you achieve your business goals.

Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation often referred to as Articles of Organization or Certificate of Formation, is a legal document that sets forth the type of entity you will operate your business under. They are filed with the Texas Secretary of State. C.Y. Lee Legal Group has years of experience helping businesses with just these tasks. Call today to for more information on how we can help your business become an LLC or Company.

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Construction Law

It’s rare for a commercial construction project to achieve substantial completion without encountering problems. Sometimes the issues are minor and can quickly be resolved, but most of the time, they are so severe that they result in termination and/or withholding of payment. If you have encountered a dispute on your project or are anticipating one, please contact us.

Commercial Litigation

For many companies, litigation is simply an inevitability. Achieving a positive outcome in litigation, however, is not inevitable. The quality and dedication of a company’s legal counsel can go a long way toward minimizing potential exposure and maximizing a company’s chance of a successful outcome. We understand that in any commercial dispute, there may be more than money at stake. A company’s or individual’s reputation, intellectual property, and competitive advantage may hang in the balance as well. We will act wisely and decisively to protect our clients’ interests when litigation puts them on the line.

Contract Disputes

Contracts lay the bedrock for business relationships. If the terms of your agreement are breached, it can have devastating consequences on your bottom line. If you’re involved in a dispute where one or more parties have refused to hold up their side of the deal, contact C.Y Lee Legal Group. Our attorneys have substantial experience protecting clients in your situation. Whether your case involves a non-compete agreement, non-disclosure form, or another document, our firm is here to help. We will review your contract line by line to protect your best interests. Don’t leave your future up to the interpretation of others. Get in touch with our firm today and ensure your future is secure.

Employment Contracts

You have probably heard that Texas is an employment “at-will” state. This means that an employee can be fired for any reason as long as it is not an illegal reason. However, in some instances, an employer may elect to offer an applicant or employee an employment contract that modifies the at-will relationship. Whether you represent management or are an employee, we can assist you in negotiating and drafting your employment agreement.

Non-Compete & Non-Disclosure

Non-compete agreements have become a hot topic in litigation as ever more IT, tech, and engineering firms call Texas home. We work closely with entrepreneurs and business leaders to protect confidential information that gives a business a competitive advantage. We have helped many of our business clients across industries, structure non-compete agreements, and non-disclosure agreements to protect the business’s goodwill and intellectual property.

Major Acquisitions

An acquisition is the purchase of one company by another company (the acquirer). Acquisitions can occur through the purchase of the stock or other equity interests of the target company or through the purchase of all or a substantial amount of the target company’s assets.

Stock purchases. The acquirer buys the shares of the target company from its shareholders. As a result, the acquirer takes on all of the target company’s assets and liabilities. The complexity of a stock acquisition from a legal perspective depends on many factors, one of which is the number of shareholders in the target company.

Asset purchases. The acquirer buys some or all of the assets of the target company. Examples of assets can include equipment, vehicles, stock, inventory, or facilities. The acquirer need not purchase all of the target company’s assets, but rather has the option to choose which assets--and liabilities--to take. This is usually considered one of the advantages of asset purchases over stock purchases.

An experienced acquisitions attorney can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of stock vs. asset purchases. 

Partnership Disputes

Partnerships are among the most utilized business formations in the United States today. At their most basic, partnerships involve two or more people conducting some type of business for a profit. Partnerships can be created by express agreement but also may exist as implied partnerships based on the conduct of the parties. Additionally, there can be different varieties of partnerships, including general partnerships, limited partnerships, or limited liability partnerships. While partnerships can make sense for a lot of businesses, one of their main drawbacks is a lack of personal liability protection for general partners for business debts. The assistance of an experienced attorney can help avoid a dispute before it arises and, when necessary, ensure that any dispute is resolved in a way most favorable to your position.