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Alimony, also known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is an issue that can arise in a pending divorce or be considered an issue after the divorce has been finalized. This type of financial support is typically sought by a spouse who lacks sufficient assets or earning power to meet monthly expenses while the divorce is pending and/or after the divorce decree has been established by the court. Alimony may also arise as an issue when an ex-spouse wishes to have the support ordered modified due to a substantial change in circumstances or when the order needs to be enforced on a delinquent ex-spouse. Those who wish to receive alimony in a Texas divorce must petition the court while the divorce is ongoing. The court determines these issues on a case-by-case basis. 

At Cy Lee Legal Group PLLC, our Houston alimony attorneys have a thorough understanding of the laws regarding spousal maintenance and are here to help you seek or contest it through the courts. With 15 years of experience in Texas family law, our team is prepared to support your case with the evidence needed and to represent you before a family law judge in court. 

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Alimony Cases in Texas

When undergoing a divorce, either you or your spouse may request alimony. Only financially disadvantaged spouses will receive alimony in such cases. Other certain circumstances must also exist for alimony to be granted. These circumstances include acts of family violence committed by the supporting spouse, the supported spouse needing this assistance due to having primary custody of a disabled child, or the supported spouse being unable to work due to a disability. 

Many factors are reviewed by the court in deciding whether alimony will be granted or not. These factors include but are not limited:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s earning capacity, assets, or financial resources 
  • Whether child support is a factor
  • Whether a spouse has financed or contributed to the other party’s education or training leading to increased earning capability
  • Any history of domestic violence on the part of a spouse
  • Whether either party has squandered marital property or assets 

Alimony payments ordered by the court cannot exceed more than 20 percent of the paying spouse’s monthly gross income or exceed a $5000 limit per month. 

Duration of Alimony

In Texas, alimony is generally limited to certain time limits. These can range from five to 10 years, depending on the circumstances of the case. For example, if the parties were married less than 10 years, it is typically granted for five years. If the parties were married for 30 or more years, it may be granted for 10 years. However, the courts grant alimony for the shortest length of time that is needed for the supported spouse to become financially independent. 

Alimony is terminated upon the death of either spouse or if the supported spouse remarries or cohabits with someone else as an intimate partner. Alimony can also be ended or modified at any time after being reviewed by the court. Modifications are only warranted when an ex-spouse has undergone a substantial change in circumstances. 

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